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So I paid a visit to this 'favourite Shop' at Kayzer street and yes, they said that they only do genuine stuff.. I'm gonna install a pair of 6inch JBL 938, 3 Way speakers to the rear which they quoted 6k.. and a pair of 2 way 6inch Infinity speakers to the front which they quoted 8.5k... our @TheFlyingFox was generous enough to give me a pair of Alpine tweeters FOC which I can use for the built-in tweeter space that comes on the bars of the windscreen in my model.. so I believe these set of speakers will give the optimum output for my music requirement of 80's and 90's... Also there is another shop called 'Tokyo' few shops away from the favourite.. they also have genuine stuff which was again recommended by a friend.. their prices are like 500 bucks higher than the favourite shop.. 

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