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How To Buy A Used Car In Sri Lanka

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Very useful article as I`am looking get my first vehicle. =) Thank you Saturn.

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Very nice guide indeed. Good work, mate. Thank you. Very useful for us amateurs.

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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOUR NEXT PURCHASE!!!One of my friend bought a 2017 registered and used premio.The car has done 31k kms.The car was bought for reselling.When I went to have a look, I found a service tag inside the front cupholder saying “next service 46XXX kms” and the service station is from the city where he had bought the car. When he noticed that I came to know about the truth, his face turned black and,acted like nothing has happened. Also stopped talking for a few seconds.So the true mileage should have been 41xxx kms. It seems that he has tampered the meter after buying the car, because the previous seller would never leave the service tag inside the car after changing the mileage.He is a very close friend mine and he still pretends like the mileage is true,even if he knows that I don’t have the money to buy it...Even by 10k kms,the mileage has been changed. Now it has become something like a trend☹️ Be careful on your next vehicle purchase guys.

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Do not buy from G# Auto L#nka near moratuwa.

Bought a toyota hatcback after transferring them the money and once we asked for the key, they did not provide us with the additional key.

Also we were kept waiting being unable to sign the transfer letter because thier justice of peace is getting late and was told to go to rnb and transfer by paying 16k the usual amount is 12k .

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I’m buying Toyota premio 2010 G, I inspected the car at Toyota lanka, i got bellow report and quotation for repair. 

This is reasonable lower price. Odo meter tampered. 

Kindly advise. 



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Just like to add some info about counterfeit Jevic, JAAI and Bureau Veritas certifications. Many sellers including personally imported cars offer all kinds of certificates for vehicle condition, auction grade and milage. Just be careful of what you are looking for given the number of scams in sri lanka when it comes to buying a used car. 

Try keep note of the Chasis Number and verify it with their official databases to ensure that you have a legit ODO reading (at least when it came to Sri Lanka)

For JEVIC you can check it here https://www.jevic.com/jevic-initiatives/e-certificates/index.html

For JAAI certificate https://x272.secure.ne.jp/~x272031/contents/postmail/postmail.html

For Bureau Veritas and other certifications you can email them and they will respond within 3 working days usually.

Next be sure to check the vehicle interior and exterior condition to compare it with the auction sheet as some people alter auction sheets to make them look like Grade 4.5 and Grade 5 cars. ( go around with a torch, look under and over for dents and out of shape body panels, uneven coloring of panels, tampered seals and worn out panel nuts, Be sure to question the owner even just to hear him or her make up some BS. If you are going for a newer car it would be easier to identify repaired spots since many 2K paints in sri lanka do not match original factory colors and dont offer the sparkle(This is covered up by clear-coats and have a rougher texture than the factory paint)

Check out a few of the same model of car and check out a relatively new/unregistered car at a car sale, Do this to get a feel of the car's engine noise and feel. Feel for its idling and vibrations and compare it with what you buy. If its too rattly or shows signs of too much wear be sure to take your chances when deciding. Ask for timing belt replacements and other repairs. And politely ask for the last time it was fully serviced, maybe look for a service tage (this gives you an idea if the owner really cared for the car or just used it unattended).

Invest on an OBD scanner from Ebay and ask the owner if he is ok with a diagnostic scan( Many owners won't allow you to do this though)

And finally when you've made your mind, bargain with the owner for a reasonable deal by accounting any items that the car is needing attention such as tyres, panel damages, lights etc..

Finally just enjoy your ride. You may encounter repairs and maintenance but its all that makes you a proud owner of a car. Suck it up, ask for help from experts and enjoy your commute down colombo in rush hour, Driving down A1, Flying at illegal speeds down the southern expressway and modding your car to make it unique and valuable in your eyes!


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