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Which is best car

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Out of the 3 options you have specified the Civic (10th generation) will be the best in terms of performance and driving dynamics. The interior of the Civic will also be more roomier and full of options and tech  than the other 2 in your list. Exterior looks are subjective but I would give that to the Civic as well for its aggressive low and wide stance.

The last is the tricky part though as usually anything with a Toyota badge would hold its value in Sri Lanka. But, the Axios (most probably your talking about the hybrid variant as the petrol Axio of that era is rare here) have not held their value well when it comes to resale because of their battery issues with time etc. The Grace is also plagued with the dual clutch worries here and the Civic.. well its too early to tell about its resale.. being a petrol car it'll have better resale than the other 2 overtime.. but who knows :)

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