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I want to buy a car. What will be the best option from below. Fuel consumption is not an issue. But, reselling in 3 or 4 years is a consideration. Also I need a good looking vehicle...

1. Toyota Premio G 2013

2. Nissan X-Trail 2015

3. BMW X1 2011

4. Toyota Allion 2013

5. Mitsubishi Montero V6 2004

6. Mercedes Benz C180 - 2010

7. Land Rover Freelander 2- SD4 2011

8. Mazda Axela  2015

9. BMW 320d E90 2011

10. BMW Mini Cooper 2016

11. Audi A4 2011

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Hi and welcome to AL,

Too wide an array . shortlist,  the Montero can not be compared with a Axela.



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Just so you know the Premio G you claim is not what you think it is...

The Premio G grade comes only with a 2.0L engine (G and G Superior Package) . I do not think there is a single 2L Premio in SL.

Premio F (1.5L variants came in F, F L Package and F EX Package).

Premio X (1.8L came in X, X L Package, X EX Package...plus a few other ones like version C)

Official Toyota dealers took the highest grade of the 1.5L (F L Package for old one and F EX package for facelift) and 1.8L  (X EX Package) variants and put on what is called the G Superior package. It just had some of the body parts of the 2.0L G Superior Package grade. 

So what you should be looking for is a Premio F EX - G Superior Package. But these cannot be found in SL..only a very few and they are very very expensive.

What you find in Sri Lanka is a random Premio 1.5L which our car sales people bought in Japan and stuck chinese body parts and badges after coming to Sri Lanka.

So what you are actually asking for is a Premio 1.5L (any grade with gold badges)

Your list is way to vague and broad....by your very own approach to all this..I would say leave the European cars out...that just leaves the Japanese sedans and SUVs. Of those..the SUV/Crossovers you are looking at our any other are not going to have any resale value as much as the Premios and Allions...so that just leaves you with the 




Seems like you would like the frilly shiny looks of the Premio...so that leaves you with the Axio with the G superior DEALER Package that is either installed by the Toyota Japan dealer or the local car salesperson. 


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