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Dear Experts

I have a Toyota Vitz 2018 and I wish to Wash / clean it's engine compartment my self. (I get the inspection service done every 5000km at a workshop of a reputed automobile engineer; Not at a service station).

At A**o M*r*j, I have seen they are using a chemical called H2L (not H2O). They say that this chemical doesn't conduct electricity and therefore it will not damage an EFI engine.

A*W imports an engine degreaser called Sonax from Germany. I saw you tube videos of Sonax and according to those videos, they just spray Sonax degreaser in to engine and compartment, apply with a small brush and then WASH WITH RUNNING WATER. According to this video, washing engine with water is not harmful. 

I have observed that in my Vitz, at engine compartment, each and every wire coming into connecters, are going through small rubber bushes. I think this is to prevent water from entering in to connecters and sensors. So, according to my observation, washing engine with water can't damage it. So I expect your advises and comments regarding this.

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Uhh...don't wash it ? 

Use compress air to blow off dust, etc...and then use a damp cloth or an engine wipe (the towels have a mild cleaner to remove some of the gunk, etc...) to wipe everything off.

If you must...use a steam cleaner with a directed nozzle to clean off some grime around the block, engine bay body, etc...but do not directly put it on the electronics/sensors/etc...

Engine degereases are intended for cleaning up heavy build up of gunk or oil leaks....using them on a plain engine surface and possibly getting them on rubber and electronic components is a bit over kill and it will spoil it. Also, most degreases require you to wash the degreaser off with water. Not a very wise thing to do. Also, the degreaser and the gunk is going to get on your drive way and it will be a pain to clean it up later on. 

So...clean engine = air compressor + damp cloth.

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