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What is the best choice?

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a car first time, so i am still could not finalize the car model which is going to buy, i am seeking for help from your side. thanks in advance.

actually, i need to figure what will be the economical car? considering following points

1. Maintenance cost (parts, services etc)

2. fuel efficiency

3. second market

4. current price (my budget is 3million, going to buy used car)

I selected following car models

toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121

Hope you will help to fiqure out the suitable car for me (i wont expect more features, base car is enough for me) 

if there any other (car model) suggestions also welcomed...

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Vitz selection will be better, better resale, economical, ample parts and fairly a basic car, your budget will not allow you a newer one which got complex and hence issues.

Vios - not the best of Toyota (Thailand ??)

Aqua/ Prius in your budget will be old and most probably hacked to death with expensive repairs round the corner better avoid / resale will be another challenge

121 too old, avid unless you need additional room and the form factor of the sedan.


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6 hours ago, faizanj said:

toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121

Vios -first gen is well within/below your budget - simple no nonsense cars back in the day that could withstand hundreds of thousands of km's but nowadays after more than 15 years you are going to struggle to find a well kept specimen.  The second gen (AKA Belta Face is a bit rare but is an ok choice comes with 1.5 Engine )Tough to find a well manitained 121 as well - one of the most overrated, overpriced and abused cars in SL. Aquas of late have thrown a lot of hybrid battery issues so be vary of that - same goes for the Prius at that price point. This leaves you with the Vitz even though it is very basic. 

You can also consider Yaris(2008~2009) - simple no nonsense cars, some of them brought on permit and well maintained with first owner. Corola 141 is a good choice too - will not be as fuel efficient as vitz but overall a very hardy car. 

There are a lot more options if you're ready to step out of the Toyota Shell. : Lancer CS1/2/3, Nissan Tiida, Non hybrid Fit (GE6) etc. 

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Go for yaris and wait till next election is over

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