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Podi Lamaya

Places to buy genuine factory fitted reverse camera (removed from boot door)

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I am looking for a 2nd hand factory fitted reverse camera for my Axio WxB (2019 model) as my car didn't come with it. Is there any recommended place I should go (I know that naming a place may violate forum rules as advertising within the forum. But it is appreciated if you can tell me the land marks near the shop. Then I can find it). 

I visited more than 10 spare parts shops around Delkanda area and did not find the genuine Toyota reverse camera. At one place, I found it. But they wanted to sell the complete boot door.

Also if you can recommend me a good alternative camera with perfect night vision, that is also OK since I drive/reverse too much at night. 

Aside from that, if anyone knows the catalog part number for Axio NKE165 Hybrid reverse camera (may be in the form of 86790 - xxxxx) please let me know. Then I can order online, if I am unable to find it here.


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Why do you need the genuine reverse camera? Are you still having the oem display ? 
even the cheapest Chinese cameras manage well during the night as well, so you can even get a branded aftermarket one, does it have the moving guidelines for the wheel? 
There are pioneer, Kenwood and JVC cams, that work well but even a generic Chinese one does the job. I use different cars with oem Suzuki and Mitsubishi ( I guess Denso)  cams and cheap cams daily and I barely notice a difference.

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You are not going to find just the camera...they will always try to sell you the entire boot lid. If someone does sell you just the camera it will be as pricey as a brand new unit. 

A brand new unit from Toyota Lanka would be ridiculously pricey.

Toyota does not manufacture camera lenses. Find out what the OEM equivalent is and just go for that. In addition there are really good Japanese or Chinese OEMs that you can buy that will also do the exact same job. Just do not go for a cheap one. 

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like @tiv and @iRage mentioned there are very good Chinese models that does the job so well. When I installed a setup for my car, also installed a reverse cam which was branded as Kenwood (I knew it's not original). Camera was good but less range of vision and less quality at night. 

Later I bought a setup and a reverse cam for father's car from a pettah shop. That camera was perfect with fish eye view and good in quality than mine. The view was so broad and clear in both day and night. So no point of looking for Branded ones where certain Chinese products has a good value.

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