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Toyota Belta Vs IST

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Can anyone please give me technical and mechanical differences between Belta and IST cars. I am looking forwad to order one of the two. The purpose is for Uber. For Belta I wish to buy 990cc if possible.

Help please

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What do you mean by order ? Import one ? The Belta is too old for you to import a used car from Japan (it stopped production in 2012) and in the Belta equivalent of the Vios in other countries stopped production in 2013. The IST went on to get produced a few more years after that. The only Belta model is the P90 series (from 2005 - 2012) and the corresponding ist versions would be P60 (2002 - 2006ish ?) and the P110 from 2006/2007 - 2016ish),

Where technicalities are concerned...they both use the same B platform (i.e. the skeletal floor-pan is the same, the Vitz also uses the same B platform); as a result, some of the  suspension components are the same in fit and measure but slightly different in other specs. Then there are other components that are the same (but then most of these components are the same in almost all the Toyotas in the category) 

The Belta came in 1000cc (1KR engine  found in the Vitz) and 13000cc (2NZ for 4WD and 2SZ for 2WD)....and the IST in 1300 and 1500 ccs in the P60 series and 1500cc and 1800cc in the P110 series. The 4WD Belta and the 1300cc P60 IST shared the same engine.

Other than that they are different cars....one is a sedan and the other is a hatch.....the Vitz was considered a sub compact hatch, the belta a sub compact sedan and the Ist a sub-compact hatch that is positioned as being slightly larger and somewhat youthful and carefree. 

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