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Pajero IO Engine Misfire / GDI pump issues

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Is it possible to repair High pressure pump ? if so can you pls recommend someone who can do it? And also if i need to buy a 2nd hand high pressure pump for a reasonable price, pls recommend a place to purchase.


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I assume you're referring to the GDI pump. I haven't heard of GDI pumps being repaired. As a matter of fact, I don't think Mitsubishi offers a repair kit for it. The unit is meant to be replaced if faulty according to my knowledge.

What is the issue with your Pajero? Have you ruled out other possibilities before determining that it's the GDI pump that's at fault?

If you're sure the pump is faulty, you can take it apart and clean it, but I doubt this will make a difference. You should be able to find a recon pump through the famous "Mitsubishi Mahinda". He should actually be able to tell you if the pump can be repaired as well. His number has been shared numerous times on the forum. Search and you shall find it. 

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Hi Guys

I've been experiencing some engine misfiring and also sluggish acceleration issues along with some shaking. But when the vehicle is not running and on parked mode or on neutral mode RPM picks up as usual when racing, this issue comes only when the vehicle is running. Another thing,... for the last month or so things got some what worse after i pump 95 octane fuel from normal sheds (Not so high end). But after stopping the engine and leaving it to cool down for 5-6 hours all the engine miss firing issues goes away vehicle acceleration is all normal until i pump fuel again.

currently the vehicle is at this garage and the mechanic says i have to replace the GDI pump, which i did a year ago, and i have no intention of replacing it again. i ve been reading the relevant threads here and saw some people have said, servicing the GDI pump will solve the problem etc. And before i took the vehicle to this garage it was actually starting with a little miss fire and was able to run under 2500 RPM and now it wont even start coz they check the fuel filer back inside the fuel tank and cleaned it using THINNER. and also replaced the tiny maroon color filter which comes inside the GDI pump and after doing all that, now the engine wont even start 😕 so i was told the issue is with the GDI pump and it doesn't have pressure, it was actually true coz they showed me that there's good fuel pressure coming from the back end fuel filter up until GDI pump and GDI pump produce very low or no pressure and petrol is just coming out of the valves. My initial thought was , that GDI pump is clogged.

So what i would like to know is that, is it possible to fix this GDI pump without replacing it for the 2nd time in less than one n half years, Or Could the problem be something entirely different as these GDI vehicles have lot of sensors etc, coz i have previous experience when it comes to some sensor issues which has lead the vehicle to not to start at all.  

Looking fwd for your ideas and suggestions. :)

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Threads merged. Added post title for clarity.

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