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Road from Kandy to Tangalle

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I'm planning on a family trip to tangalle. From Kandy to Tangalle. I have 2 routes in mind

1. Kandy - southern highway road

2. Kandy-galigamuwa-rathnapura-angunakolapelessa-tangalle

Is there any other better routes, (road condition & less traffic)

Which route would be better regarding road conditions and less traffic 

Appreciate your help.


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The two options shown in Google Maps when Kandy and Tangalle is punched in are basically the same you've listed except the second one goes through Weeraketiya after Embilipitiya instead of Angunakolapelessa.

There's a significant difference in distance between the two where the expressway is about 50km more than the other route, but just over half an hour quicker. 

Directions Here

You can go to Street View and check the condition of the roads (example), but when I checked, some of the images were from 2015, so it might be different now.

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Depends on the time you're planning to travel. If it is a less traffic time, I would suggest you to take Kandy-Kadawatha-Southern Express Way-Matara-Tangalle route which will be more convenient and faster. 

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