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Vibration at High Speeds

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Hi Guys,

I have this 2018 Vits (1000cc) and I changed the rims to alloy a month or two back. I have done 6000KM only. During the change the guys told to swap the front and back tires. Anyway I have notice that recently the car has some sort of vibration when I hit 110Km/h on the highway (Just to be clear up to 100Km/h I have no issue). I haven't had this problem before. Also I remember that just after the change I went on the highway and I didn't have this problem (But I am not really sure about this memory). Anyway the question is any ideas why I am feeling this vibration?

Thanks in Advance




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Your front wheels are probably out of balance. Get them balanced and get the wheel alignment checked. This is the first thing you should do before proceeding with anything else. 

Wheels are balanced by pasting small weights on the inner side of the rim. Sometimes these weights fall off and cause wheels to go off balance. 

As for experiencing the issue after switching to alloys, this raises a few questions.

1. Are the alloys reconditioned or brand new? 

2. What's the brand? Inferior alloy wheels can cause all sorts of suspension and alignment issues. 

3. How many kilometres do you have on your current set of tyres? If you used the same tyres from the original rims on the alloys, that too can be an issue depending on how old the tyres are and if the alloys rims are of a different width from the stock ones. 

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