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Good mechanic for Hyundai Diesel vehicles?

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Does anyone know a good mechanic or a garage for Hyundai Vehicles...? I have a 2008 Santa Fe and it has few issues with the engine such as turbo. I already got the turbo fully restored by Turbo Mart at Boralesgamuwa but the problem is still there. The engine oil keeps coming from the turbo and it drips to the ground. When I contact the turbo mart they say it is something to do with engine compression. The mechanic I get things done lives in athurugiriya road. According to him, the turbo is faulty. Now I am torn between two paths, One says to restore the engine (Turbo mart), the mechanic says to get a brand new turbo and everything will turn to normal. I already took it to nearby garage dude and he checked the engine compression, he says another story. He says CRDi engines always get weak compression after doing around 30,000KM after a full restoration.

I do have certain mechanical knowledge and I think all of them are playing bullshit with me. I believe the turbo is doing alright, the mechanics are just bluffing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The problem in short-: When I run the vehicle for like 100 ~ 200 KM after the turbo got repaired, the engine oil was dripping from it. I sent the turbo for a repair at turbo mart because of this, now everything runs smooth but the oil comes back to the turbo section and according to turbo mart, it is because of my engine is under compression.

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