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Honda XR 230 / XR 250 maintenance

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Dear all,

I bought a 2015 XR 230 (9000km  done) (CRF230L in USA) and would like to know how you all maintain your XRs. Please accept my apologies for my lack of knowledge on this. 

It would be great if you could kindly reply to my following queries. 

1. Is it best to change oil every 2000km or 5000km (I only use it to commute and never do hard off road but light trails)? Which oil is best and the viscosity? I can find Mobil and Caltex in our country.

2. Does this bike have an oil filter that you should change when you change engine oil? If so the model and the brand of the filter? 

Or do you have to clean the oil screen? 

3. How to lubricate the chain? I heard that you have a spray oil, what is the brand and how often you should do it, or what is the best way?

4. Best tension of the chain?

5. 92 octane gas or 95 octane gas?

6. Recommended break oil? 

7. Recommended tire pressure for front and rear - it still has original factory fitted tires (Bridgestone)

8. What are the other maintenance items I have missed?

Thank you so very much

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