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Hi guys.. I need your help to find out which vehicle is best to buy out of, unregistered Vitz F2016, unregistered Waggon R 2018 or used Aqua 2013-2014

The budget is 3mil to 3.7 million 

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The wagon R is a kei car and is in a different category. So you need to decide if a kei car will meet your needs. Kei cars are small cars with small engines designed for city use. It will be somewhat strained if you push it at full load.

As for the Vitz and Aqua...well...how much do you intend to drive ? If you do not drive that much (i.e. a weekend car), then you will not want a Hybrid. Secondly, how long do you intend to keep the car for ? In the long run a conventional petrol engines car will have lesser maintenance points than a Hybrid (Hybrid might need battery swaps, etc...). So if you want to keep it for a long time..consider a petrol car.

The Aqua s actually a fun little car (granted steering feel is not very exciting, but the frame is quite chuckable....and if you do some simple suspension upgrades it completely turns personality). The Vitz....well....its just a basic hatchback that is a 8 year old design....whetehr you prefer an Aqua or  a Vitz, only you can decide...test drive a few and see what you like to live with.

Finding either car registered or unregistered is going to be hard...plenty of cars around but most of them have been touched up for a quick sale.


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