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I am planing to buy a Vitz 2018 or 2019 , However need to know about the main differences between Safety Edition 2 ( 2018 vitz ) vs Safety edition 3 (2019 Vitz ).

Also what are other improvement of Vitz 2019 over 2018 model ?

Hope AL members will help regarding this questions.

Thanks all



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To my knowledge and experience with my car ( Vitz 2016 Safety Edition), standard safety features includes Automatic high beam, Lane departure Alert (LDA), Traction Control and Pre-Collision System (PCS) which comes under Toyota Safety Sense package. But may vary according to the grade of the vehicle.

Most of the 2018 Vitz also has these features as far as I know. Any safety edition should have above features. Better contact your dealer and get a clear idea of the vehicle and its features.

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Okay..for starters...your 2019 Vitz is structurally and 80% technically the same as the Vitz from 2010. Yes....the 130 series Vitz is nearly 10 years old. The car was being stuck with features just to keep up with evolving Japanese eco and safety standards.

Here are the basic differences with  the safety editions based on Toyota Japan's press releases/specs

Safety Edition : Toyota Safety Sense C package (TSS-C). TSS-P comes for slightly larger vehicles which additionally has Radar cruise control and steering assist).

Safety Edition II : TSS-C + "Intelligent Clearance Sonar (Parking Support Brake)" (when you are reversing if there is an obstruction it brakes automatically)

Safety Edition III : TSS-C + "Intelligent Clearance Sonar (Parking Support Brake)" + Bi-beam LED headlights and some sort of driving light as standard

Plus there are slight differences in things like head rest type, etc....but the above are the most notable and prominent feature differences.

It has to be noted that now Toyota is starting to merge some of the TSS-P features for compact cars so they are starting to take away the TSS-C and TSS-P classifications

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