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Nissan k11 for sale.what price do i ask

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My Nissan K11 is being repaired at A*W. I want to sell it immidiately. What price should I ask. Mileage aprox 45k. Second owner .lady. Outer appearence not very glossy. Thourough repair with replacements and full interior cleaning. jL 1467 lp.


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I believe this is a March K11 - what YOM is this? Price depends on a number of factors - Manuals are a lot cheaper than Auto's. Also 2 door variants are a lot cheaper than 4 door. 

51 minutes ago, Lilanka said:

Mileage aprox 45k

Are you sure this is genuine mileage? By your reg number I'd assume the YOM to be somewhere around 2000-2002 so that's a 18 year old car 45,000 km after 18 years is a bit unbelievable. 

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