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Good place for AC repair

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Dear Friends. I'm having an issue with my GP1(2011) AC system. a few months back  I got gas re-filled due to a small leak on firewall panel socket and that time the technician changed O ring which is a smaller one as he couldn't find the correct O ring that time. It stays around 2 months and now again gas getting leaked. so I refilled last week too. 


I think now it is time to do a full service. I  checked with few places and they said there will be a leak on Evaporator coil and it needs to be replaced. 

Do they remove condenser and compressor and check any leaks on this type of vehicles? I heard they only check Evaporator coil for a gas leak and fill the gas. what is the correct way of servicing and repairing method of AC system if there is a Gas leak? and where will be the best place for this kind of repair

please advice



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Posted (edited)

Evap leaks are the most common,.. get the car checked by a pro,..parts will be removed and checked to detect un detected  leaks,..

Start by checking the evaporator.


Wishing you cool runnings,..


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After having continuous repairs on our old KE72 we took it to Frostaire at Union place in 2008. For sure it wasn’t cheap as we replaced quite a few parts but well worth it because it still works until now.


All I say is if you do a proper repair rather than patching it might be worth in the long run. I may be wrong but it worked for me.

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