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Hello everyone! 

I'm planning to buy an used car around 3M. Please help me to choose the right one for my budget. Information about fuel consumption also will be appreciated. 

My Suggestions :

1.Toyota vitz 2007-2009.

2.Honda Fit GE6.

3.Mazda Axela 2004-2005

Help me guys. 

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Fuel economy - Vitz>Fit>Axela

Toyota would be easier to maintain and Axela would be the most comfortable one. Fit will have the best legroom and interior space. Vitz would be horrible long trips if you opt for the 1000cc engine due to noise. Both Fit and Mazda would be nice to drive. Mazda has more weighted and sharp steering while the fit has a bit lighter and sharp steering. Given the size of the Fit with the 1340cc engine it would be more powerful and nippy. I have only driven one Axela, and that was in a car sale. For me, it felt a bit underpowered and suspension felt stiff. The engine is much more rev happy. Best thing is to inspect every model and do a test drive. As for me, i prefer the pudgy suspension and smooth driving of a Toyota at the expense of handling. I’m a bit far from Colombo, so maintaining a Toyota here is much easier and spares are freely available. Don’t think about resale, as if the price is right, you can sell it.

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