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BMW F10 VS Mercedes benz W212

BMW 520D (F10) vs Mercedes Benz E-Class (W212)  

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  1. 1. Which one is better

    • BMW 520D (F10)
    • Mercedes Benz E-class (W212)

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I've been planning to buy a German saloon car.

I have narrowed down the spectrum to the BMW F10 (520D as it is commonly called) and the rival Mercedes Benz W212 E-class from the same time.

I want to know the running costs of each model, and in case of failure a good place to repair a BMW as I already own a Mercedes I basically can get it done from the places I know.

Also need to know the good and bad from each model and also fuel efficiency. As I know even the petrol version of the Mercedes W212 has a decent mileage but need expert knowledge on BMW 520Diesel.


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I think Mercs hold well against time compared to the others,at least most models.

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Well..the BMW is definitely more sportier to drive than a stock stock E-Class....but you have to admit the F10 is as common as Morris Minors back in the day thanks to all the permit imports....not that it should discredit the car as it is a good car, but it also means there are a lot of F10s out there that have been badly maintained and even driven the living day lights out of it by kids of the owners :D

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