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Hiring tools and instruments

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Greetings gentlemen,

Are there places where I can hire/borrow mechanical tools and equipment?

I'm in need of some stuff such as torque wrench, piston rings expanders, pressure gauge, valve spring compressors, gear pullers, timing lights, dwell angle meters, vernier calipers....etc. I started to restore an old car and sort of fell in love with mechanics:wub: Now, I have an irresistible urge to do every possible bit of the mechanical work by myself. I have some tools myself, and plan to buy some more in the future.  However, some specialist tools are quite expensive. Spending a lot on specialist tools that I will use only one an year or less frequently doesn't make financial sense. So, I'm looking for some place that I can hire the tools. I inquired from some places where they hire power tools, compressors, hedge trimmer and the such. They don't have tools that I need.


My neighborhood mechanic (bass) is very helpful in teaching me some bits and ok with lending some of his stuff like the engine jack. But he doesn't have the specialist tools I need. Not even torque wrench. They just tighten it by the feel. (Don't know if it's the norm with the mechanics here).

I'm in Galle. So any place closer would be very convenient. (Even around Colombo is all right)

Any help with this is very much appreciated.

Thank you!


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