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NISSAN X-Trail T30 and T31 gear problem


Hey guys,I heard about auto gear problem in  Nissan x-trail T30 & T31.is it true?and is it common problem in NISSAN x-trail ? plz help


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It all  boils down to maintenance or the lack of it,..This transmission is a CVT.    

And therefore , needs maintenance. And the box in question needs more frequent  maintence than a conventional 'auto.

Those who neglected the fluid changes or put the wrong ATF had their auto boxes resting in pieces,..🤨




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The T30 has a conventional Auto whilst the T31 came with the CVT. 

Neither of them have inherent design issues in the gearbox itself. 

The T30's auto transmission had issues with people leaving it on 4WD lock mode all the time and that wearing out the transfer case and gearbox mechanisms fast. Then Nissan made some changes to the 4WD system logic and the gearbox and transfer case (so depending on who you talk to they will say the T30 has 2 types of gearboxes...they infact more or less the same but one has a few revisions.)

The CVT on the T31...again...nothing better or worst than any other CVT box. Just required maintenance schedules relevant for a CVT as opposed to a conventional auto.

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