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Please Help Me to Find those parts!!!

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First of all Wish You Guys a Very Happy New Year!!!

So by the end of this month I plan to bring the Allion home.I’m going to advertise my 121 tomorrow.The relation agreed to give a good interior cleaning and fix the fabric upholstery for me.There are 4 types of parts that shows signs of usage and I plan to replace them before I bring her home.I have uploaded the pictures according to the order.

1.Silver coloured plastic interior handles-all four handles have few usage signs and I want the interior to be super clean.I plan to replace all four of them.

2.The silver plastic inserting of the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel buttons have faded.I plan to replace them also

3.The all four white scuff plates(highlighted in red)of the doors shows scratch marks.I want to replace all four too.

4.The front cupholder’s teak panel has some minor scratches.This is not a major issue.But I plan to replace it later.I don’t have a picture of it.The whole cup holder plus the teak textured lid comes as a single part in the parts catalogue quoting around 12,000jpy.Where can I find it cheaper?

These are the only problems that exist in the car, and I plan to maintain it well and keep the looks as a new car😇.So just like the Presea Lover I want to make the car perfect in everyway.I want to replace all the first three parts before taking it home,and the cupholder later.So recommend me some good and low priced places around colombo to buy those parts.





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Well I am pretty sure you can find most of those parts at used body shops...although they still might have scuff marks etc...not because the parts were used hard but mostly because of how our "parts kollo" in Japan strip the parts off and how or guys store them.

As for the teak paneling..there are pretty decent places in Sri Lanka that redo teak plating (KarbonClub did mine but now they go by something else) . Why not get one of them to re do it? You might be even able to resurface your scuff plates.

As for the handles...I would say just buy new ones....if you can get someone to buy it in Japan and mail it to you that would be the cheapest.

The steering wheel parts...do they even sell just those parts ? I think you might have to buy the entire unit.

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Posted (edited)

@iRage I found a place in panchi and they quoted 1800 for one silver plastic handle.the steering wheel is available in ebay for around $32 but not sure about the  qualiti.therefore I plan to do a search in panchi later.

p.s-i checked with the karbon club and they seem pretty decent.Maybe I can fix all the door handles and steering wheel from them.Thanks mate

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