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Minimum age to ride motorcycle

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Hi im 16yr old i have seen so much guys riding bike at 16

Can i get temporary license or anything legal to ride motorcycle 

Wht is the minimum age to ride motorcycle 

And if i got caught withoutlicense wht will happen and wht should i do? 

Pls help me

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@Pasindu416 Welcome to the forum.

It is proud to see a teenager like you finding the legal situation before putting a bike to a public road.

According to the DMT website the minimum age to sit for the written test is 17 years. Also the Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act, No. 18 section 7 (page 6) clearly says need to complet the age of eighteen years to obtain a license. So seems you need to wait another few months. My advise is be patient. It is better in many ways rather trying to ride without proper license.

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The first response is correct.

You have to be at least 17 years. When you turn 17, you can apply for the diving license. Then you have to sit a written exam on road rules. If you pass, you will be issued a temporary license valid for 18 months (which means valid until you turn 18 years old). With the temporary license you can ride a motorcycle with a L plate and learner's insurance alone or drive a vehicle under supervision of someone with a driving license. During this period you can learn to ride/drive on the road. As soon as you turn 18, you must face a practical test. If you pass it, you will get the proper driving license.


You are risking your life and limb as well as of others by riding without a license. If you get busted, you'll be tried at Magistrate courts which will give you a suspended jail term and a fine. The cop will take your motorcycle and the owner will also be fined and warned.


If you still itch to ride/drive before you turn 17, you can do so in your private property. Wear protective gear and ride only under the supervision of an adult. Please remember that byroads are NOT private property.


Good luck and stay safe kiddo!

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