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Distributor rebuild

I wanted to do some preemptive maintenance on the distributor even if it was working fine. Just to check and adjust the contacts gap, check the capacitor, and lubricate the shaft. I ended up removing the distributor and dissembling it.


These were the problems

1.contact gap was too small

2. Contact electrodes are pitted and covered in carbon

3. Screws holding the contacts had stripped heads. Doesn't tight enough.

4. Capacitor was good.

5. Vacuum advance canister had a damaged diaphragm. Doesn't work anymore. (Initially the vacuum line in the carb was also blocked. After the carb rebuild, I was aware of this problem. Temporary fixed by plugging the vacuum hose)

6. Mechanical advance mechanism was probably never lubricated enough. It was not freely moving.

7. Oil seal in the distributor shaft was leaking a little.

8. Shaft and bushes were in good order. Wear was within tolerance limits.

Here are pics when I took it apar





Following maintenance was done

1. Fully dissembling and thorough cleaning. The centrifugal advance was very tight. Had to clamp down to the bench and remove with vice grips. It is ment to spinn freely!

2. Replaced contacts and capacitor as preemptive maintenance.

3. Replaced the oil seal.

4. Shaft has a spiral grove that helps to draw engine oil up the shaft and lubricate when the engine is running. Thoroughly cleaned the grove.

5. Replacement vacuum advance canister was available. Fixed it and connected the vacuum hose from the carb.

6. Set the static timing when fixing the distributor

7. Adjusted the contacts gap. Spec is 0.45-0.55mm. I set to 0.50mm with a feeler gauge.

8. Checked the dynamic timing with my DIY timing light.

I can't verify that dynamic timing due to the lack of a RPM sensor. I'm sure that the centrifugal advance works because of the advancing timing when revving up. Applying suction to the vacuum line further advances the timing. So, the vacuum advance also works.

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Lube the fly weight asszy.

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