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Isuzu KB or LN 85/145? which is better?


I've previously posted a previous discussion regarding Caldina as an Ideal vehicle for both my entrepreneur business and for family use.

Looking at the second hand market it seems that almost all of them seems beatup/ abused or not maintained right even though its a very good vehicle but still seems to be not tough as the good old Corolla wagons (CE 108s and G Touring etc). So I've got to bin the idea of going for them.

It seems that painfully my budget needs to be raised by 1Mn to go for a much more reliable choice, so I've ended up choosing either an Isuzu 4 wheel Cab (late 90s model) or a Hilux 2 wheel 4 door (LN 85/145).  Sure people praise the reliability of Toyota Hilux  4 wheel versions(LN 106/107) but I've seen plenty of 2 wheel 4 door versions on garages but my dad still insists to go for them (just because Toyota is the dominant brand with parts available everywhere). I know that Isuzu cabs are fuel efficient workhorses (only if maintained right) but then again they're slow and has issues on re-conditioning the body etc.

So the bottom line is... is Isuzu 4 wheel late 90s model better than Hilux 2 wheel 4 door version (LN 85/145) when it comes to

1. Robustness/ Reliability

2. Fuel Efficiency? 

3. Running/Maintenance Cost?

4. Spare Parts availability.


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