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Fb15 Engine Oil Semi synthetic to mineral

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My car with a milage of 150000kms used mobil 2000, 10w-40. Since in the past i used the car regularly and 5000km was reached before 6 months. But Nowadays I use the car rarely and my service guy adviced to use mobil 1000 which is not a semi synthetic and the cost would be lesser compared to mobil 2000. His point was that changing the oil at 6 months interval for a milage lesser than 5000km s is fine with mobil 1000(10w 40/ 10w 30)

I would be pleased if any expert could comment on the point. 

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HI, and welcome to AL,

A complex sub of engine lubrication,..what ever grade you use, don't reduce the oil 's viscosity.

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