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BMW E30 enthusiasts?

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23 hours ago, MrCat said:


Found one archive.. Yay..!!!! 


Congratulations :D 

As for porting, you'll have to copy paste posts one by one... or you can screenshot the 4 pages and post 'em here (or in a separate thread, like this:


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So, the car was running fine with NO excess smoke, cold start issues, timing chain noises etc.. However, I always felt that the idle wasn’t spot-on.

I decided to address the famous ‘mess under the intake’. This is what the E30 community had named the German over-engineering effort under the intake manifold on the M42 engine. They decided to go nuts with coolant lines and vacuum hoses and added a throttle body heater which is completely useless in warm weather. 

This basically involved:

** Remove coolant lines which goes to throttle body heater plate
** Remove excess vacuum lines and add a couple of direct connections. 1.) Valve cover to throttle body. 2.) ICV to intake boot
** Add new coolant bypass from cylinder head to the plastic coolant distributing thingy on the side of the block
** Replace two short fuel lines under the intakes, the high pressure line was leaking a bit
** Replace all the gaskets and vacuum lines
** Clean everything (ICV, TB, manifolds, plastic bits, connectors, etc...)

Parts list below, ordered from the local dealer:

· Intake boot >> 13711734385
· Hose clamp (L12-15), fuel line >> 07129952104 (4 of these)
· Vacuum hose from FPR (3.5X1.8) >> 11727545323
· Gasket – throttle housing >> 13541743261
· Hex nut with plate - throttle housing >> 07129900681 / 07129904553 (4 of these)
· Air hose (to ICV) >> 13411721971
· Gasket – upper intake manifold >> 11611717761
· Gasket – lower intake manifold >> 11611734684 
· Hex nut with plate (AM7 ZNNIV SI) >> 07129905541 (8 of these)
· Coolant Hose (this is from E36 M42, used for coolant by-pass) >> 11531247398

Some of the parts:


Lower intake manifold removed:


The ‘”mess under the intake”:


Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures while putting things back together. With new hoses and gaskets, the car idles perfectly now. Perhaps it’s all in my head, but feels like throttle response is sharper.!! crazy.gif


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On 1/16/2019 at 10:28 PM, MrCat said:


Ha Ha.. :D

I think the E30 is in a very unique position which helps to drive prices up globally.  80`s/90`s mechanical simplicity, sedan practicality – yet compact, rear drive, ~1100kg weight - this combination IS quite rare.  Add independent rear suspension to the mix and I simply don’t know of any other mainstream car/model which is similar. The C class comes close, but that`s a heavier car in general.

Yeah, the E30 M3 is a different beast.. Racing pedigree, homologation production run, proper German over-engineering, etc... They dont` make em anymore, so the only way for the prices to go is 'up'..  


I feel like buying E34 or E30 for use in SL. But I wont be using it all that much. Hmmm

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6 hours ago, fiat fan said:

I feel like buying E34 or E30 for use in SL. But I wont be using it all that much. Hmmm


I reckon E34 is a better package for local conditions. More roomier and comfortable, equally as fun to drive. 


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