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L.A Liyanage

Honda city 2001

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Third generation(3A2/3A3) Honda City had 3 engines. Only one had a V-TEC motor.

1.3 L D13B I4
1.5 L D15B I4
1.5 L D15B VTEC I4 

This model was called Honda City Type Z and "Hyper 16 Valve" on the valve cover is a fancy name for a 16 valve engine by Honda.

But if it is V-TEC it will have "Honda" and "V-TEC" on the valve cover instead of this "Hyper 16 Valve". So if you see "Hyper 16 Valve" on the valve cover it's probably a 1.3 or 1.5 liter non V-TEC engine.

Also only 3 stage V-TEC  variants had rear disc breaks!

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