Dear Members, I am looking to buy my first car and has a budget of 3.8 Mn Max. I am not impressed with an idea of buying a vehicle used for 5 or more years. And also would avoid hybrids as of now. After a decent amount of online search keeping in mind my budget, I have shortlisted two models. A reconditioned Toyota Vitz 2015 or 2016 Brand new Kia Picanto 2017 I really care about the performance, safety, look, reliability, maintenance, and resale value. In terms of fuel economy, I would be happy as long as the vehicle gives close to 9/10 Ltr mileage in the city driving. My Requirement is to drive in Colombo daily 25 Km and to outstation 600 KM (Round trip in 3 or 4 Days) once in a month or two.  In terms of exterior look, Toyota Vitz is the winner for me. On the interior, Picanto wins. With Vitz, the reliability, performance, safety and resale value aspects seem to be better than the Picanto. Picanto, on the other hand, comes with a 5-year warranty which is very attractive and provide a peace of mind (when compared to the fact that you have to rely on the informal imports with regard to Vitz). For my budget, I would be able to get the highest grade Picanto available in SL with all safety features given.  It would be really helpful if the members could advise me to help make a better decision. Also, suggest any options other than the models I have shortlisted. I read a lot of good comments from the members on the Picanto, but couldn't locate any comparison like Vitz Vs. Picanto.  Please Help! Thank You