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Honda EBK2000

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Not related to vehicles but noticed the Honda ebk 2000 generator in the garage rotting off for more than 5years. 

It was a PH off with nothing much to do so took it out.

The base was totally rotted off and the fuel tanks smelled like rat pee. There was even a snake skin and rat droppings all around. Well it had more biodiversity than the vilpathtu. Call me by a politicians name but i had to remove all the wildlife away from the motor.

I didnt think it would start but i decided to give it a try or send it for scrap.

So i drained the rat pee from the fuel tank and put Rs. 100 worth of super petrol in.

Then was the moment of truth.

Pulled the starter and abracadabra it started. And it didnt even miss a beat.

I couldnt understand if it was running on the power of its motor or the power of its dreams

So gave it a clean up changed the oil and started it again.

Now in the comfort of the ac run buy the power of the said genny i decided to give it a tribute. And a tribute to how reliable things were back in the old days.

Well it was a good thing honda didnt mate it to a dual cluth gearbox or an integrated motor assist. That made the downfall of hondas reliabilty. The only assist it got is by my biceps for starting which is mind you smaller than your tensor tympany.

And with the Rs. 100.00 of super petrol its running the house with a 9000btu ac for around a hour now without even missing a beat. Sound much better than a crz which i hear some days in the morning which sounds of a major engine misfire in the morning.

I cant understand what happened to hondas reliabilty. How reliable they were those days.

With that said Fernando Alonso wouldnt have gone sunbathing if honda made things reliable like in the good old days.

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