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Maintenability Honda Fit GP1 vs GP5

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Hey Guys

First of all I know the Honda fit has been extensively discussed multiple times on this forum but do bear with me and hear me out since this is a bit of a specific clarification. I would value your opinions and ideas regarding this.

So I'm a little paranoid when it comes to buying used cars and I am more comfortable if I was to buy a trusted friends vehicle. Given the fact that what we get for about 3.5 Mil plus these days are tiny 3 pot keis I have no option but to go for a used car.  I'm not overly concerned on fuel consumption or resale but  more focus on  Maintenance costs (i.e I don't want to do a 300,000 rs repair out of the blue) and Durability.  The other aspect is of course the better performer in terms of Handling,  Acceleration etc.

Two of my friends are migrating and their cars are up for grabs here are the two choices :

Exhibit A: Honda Fit GP1 2013 : 55,000 +  KM's,  first owner agent maintained , Daily driver impeccable interior, few minor day-to-day scratches and a couple of negligible dents. Cruise control etc. No paddle shift.  No apparent issues mechanically (no symptoms that are common with this model.....YET!) Guy's a bit of a car guy who loves his ride I think i can get this for around 3.5

Exhibit B : Honda Fit Gp5  2013 : 45,000 KMS first owner maintained at some other place, F or L package ,  good interior,  few scars on the bumper.  Ex Daily driver now weekend tripper and used by friends wife to tug kids to school Again no apparent issues - again an honest bloke and I think  despite being the newer model  I can get it for between 3.6 and 3.8 Mill which i think is a bit of a deal as it seems this model usually goes for higher.


Now my questions.

how reliable are these two models? And If i want to avoid any costly repairs and want reliability (along with lower maintenance costs day to day) which of these should i go for.???

What is the more fun car to drive and what is more suited to our pot-hole ridden roads? Overall which would be easier to live with?

Any potential headaches I should expect?


I would be driving a fair bit close to 2000 KMS a month - majority City and expressway but constantly will travel out-station too - therefore do you guys think I would be better off looking at something that can handle the poor roads a bit better in the same budget like a Daihatsu Terios? I've heard it's quite rugged  but I feel it's a bit bland.


Thanks in advance folks.


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Well the Honda fit isn't known to be "Rock-solid" IMHO



http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/18798-honda-grace-dct-transmission-issue-is-with-only-20142015-model-not-in-2016-is-this-correct/ (GP5 comes with a DCT)

When it comes to reliability no hybrid can match 4AT non hybrids like the FD4, Lancer EX, 141, N16 (again, personal opinion!)

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Well....hybrid or non hybrid...reliability depends on how well the previous owners (or yourself) maintain the car. It is just that older pure-gasoline cars have less tech packed in them (so lesser things to go wrong) and whatever is there is pretty straight forward that it can be easily resolved.

You say you want to avoid 300,000LKR out of the blues...the thing is with any Hybrid you will have to be prepared to, if needed, go to the extent of replacing, at the very least, the batteries. Also, there is no guarantee with any car that you won't get a huge repair bill. It is just that with proper maintenance the components might last longer...or might not...so that is a risk you will have to take. Which is why any car guy would tell you to buy a properly maintained car. So in the Fits you mentioned depending on the way it was maintained the gearbox may or may not give out within the next few years. Granted the Honda DCT does seem to have a less tolerant level to our driving conditions and standards.

Out of the two cars...I prefer the GP1...it feels a lot more nimble and lighter to the hand compared to the GP5, thus a bit more engaging to drive. The GP5 on the other hand feels like a slightly bit more comfortable to ride along in and feels a bit roomier which makes it a bit nicer to be in for longer periods of time. As for the Terios....well yeah..not a very exciting car to drive..has some body roll...feels a bit sluggish when under load....its redeeming quality is that it has ground clearance. Are you sure you need that much of ground clearance ?  

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Handling and acceleration is much better in GP1. But in city traffic it's fuel consumption is almost similar to a non-hybrid hatch.

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21 hours ago, hrm said:

But in city traffic it's fuel consumption is almost similar to a non-hybrid hatch.

I drive a Gp1 daily  and let me tell you it's  "nominally hybrid" (sure it does 20+kmpl on long distance) ,and it doesn't feel like a techy hybrid : it's more or less a good old jap car from the last decade.  tbh  you wont feel  much difference between a Gp1 and and  a GE6. The GP1 was the last Fit that retained the original Fit genes.  [The GP5 is more or less in line with the Vezel and Grace - IMO the vezel is a FIT on steroids and the Grace is a FIT with a buttock transplant. ]

It's a rather uncomplicated car and i think  it's easier to maintain than the GP5 (Less Drama) I've driven GP5 as well and it has a bit more power and some added stuff like automatic braking (you have to maintain the speed)  has good fuel figures and as irage said the more comfier ride 

On 5/5/2018 at 5:54 AM, Hyaenidae said:

When it comes to reliability no hybrid can match 4AT non hybrids like the FD4, Lancer EX, 141, N16

Agreed with maybe the exception of the n16 .  I think the old school reliability slowly died with Jap cars .heIf OP is ok with the fact that these cars are twice as old as his initial choices.you can look into these also... Lancer EXs are great cars but hard to find since their owners dont easily part with them. 

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Apologies for the 2 week delay and many thanks for the updates. I agree with Irage on the terios being bland - it was on my mind as it was the only affordable crossover/suv in decent shape and i heard its tech was simple so maintaining was easy  plus it can handle bad roads (actually im surprised by the amount of really poor roads even in suburbs and actually even inside colombo itself)

As for the two hondas - my interest in them was because I know of the track record - specially i feel the GP5 is a bit of a deal cos most GP5s sell for above 4 mil. Anyways I guess i'll have to provision  for about 200k for any eventual issues that come if i buy either. From your opinions i kind of feel that despite Gp1 might be a safer bet  (not sure how local market perception is ) as for hyena's suggestions on older cars the problem is most cars from that age are now in bad shape  very tough to source a decent car


BTW Thanks all for your valued opinions.


PS -> any views on the Sylphy - thats a big ass car and i think 4 M will get you a 2010/11 model

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