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Madhawa Weerasinghe

Reputed Car sale to buy a new CHR

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There's nothing called a 'reliable place'. Even the agents sometimes repaint and sell vehicles which were damaged during shipment. and famous car sale owners have time and again sold cut and bud vehicles.

It all depends on your luck and how you inspect the vehicle.


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On 4/10/2018 at 10:45 AM, Madhawa Weerasinghe said:


What are the reliable places to buy unregistered vehicle around colombo ?

Thanks in advance


I heard a lot on car sales including forging or not disclosing Japanese auction grade of the car and obviously manipulating the ODO meter etc.. It is said that most of those people buy cars at Auction grades R (damaged) or lesser than 4 and repair and change the documents before importing. (may not be all but this was what I heard from someone who is in the business).

For these reasons I went for a personal import through a friend and got involved in the purchase from the Auction itself. It was much smoother than I thought yet you need to have tolerance for a few months to get the vehicle. It gives flexibility to chose from a large array of vehicles with different conditions and prices yet there can be disappointments such as you seeing the model you purchased being auctioned for a lesser price next day. Yet still it will save one to three lacks from the car sale price but in this case you are sure of the Auction grade and ODO of your car.

For example I imported a Daihatsu Boon (exact original of Toyota Passo) of Auction Grade 6 (highest) with mileage just 1,800 km. All inclusive driving cost from Hambanthota to Colombo was Rs. 33/40. Actually there was this damn Yen increase else I could have got it down for 32/90 yet still I think it is worth.

So just see the pluses and minuses between car sale and personal import and give a try. If you buy from a sale request all Auction related documents and check the lot number at www.nicoba.com where you can see the true details of most carts sold to Sri Lanka. Also I have seen genuine small scale importers who just bring down one or two cars at a time and sell with a reasonable margin and authentic documents. Look for that also.






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