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Nissan FB 15 Issue


Hi, I have a Nissan FB 1999 model. When I start the car and starts moving slowly there is a "grrrrr" like vibration coming from the engine for a like 2 seconds.

After that I don't hear that noise until I start the car next time and starts moving again.

Also when I press the brake, it is also getting locked and a "grrrrr" noise coming from the brake padal. When I release the brake and press on the padal again, its all normal and i can drive for whole day without that issue happening again.

These 2 issues only happens when I start the car and starts moving only.

What could be the issue???

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Hi Sanjeewa, welcome to the forum!

It's a bit difficult to diagnose noises without inspecting it, so we can give you some pointers based on what you have described. It looks to me like the issue is with your braking system.

A few questions first though:

1. How's the level and condition of your brake fluid? Are the brake pads good? Do the rotors show signs of wear (grooves)?

2. Are the front brake generally clean/free of brake dust and rust?

3. Does your car have ABS?

4. Carefully carry out the following:

  • Start the car, open the bonnet. Put the car in drive and gently release the brake pedal while asking someone else to note where exactly the sound is coming from.
  • If your car has ABS, the modulator should be sitting near the firewall towards the passenger side. Pay special attention to determine if it's the ABS modulator that's making the noise.

5. When you say that the pedal is "making a noise", does the pedal vibrate as well?


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