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Creating a new thread to share updates and discuss about Formula 1 this year.

Race calendar: https://www.formula1.com/en/championship/races/2018.html

Driver standings to date: https://www.formula1.com/en/results.html/2018/drivers.html

Car rule changes for 2018:

The 2018 season kicked off yesterday at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia and in spectacular style. Hamilton managed to secure pole position, breaking an all time lap record in the process. This guy... damn!



Lewis Hamilton pulled off from the line in first, followed by Raikkonen and then Vettel, He managed to hold on to his place, but the virtual safety car was deployed following an incident and Vettel was in the pit during this time (while Hamilton was still on the track - driving slow due to the virtual safety car). Hamilton had already pit the car by this time, so in essence, Vettel entered and exited the pit faster than Hamilton was on the track. This put him in front of Hamilton who was stumped, thinking what just happened. With Hamilton's tyres 7 laps older than Vettel's, all the Ferrari had to do was hold on to that position and continue the race. And that was what he did.

Aussie boy Daniel Ricciardo finished qualifying 4th, but received a fuel irregularity penalty and suffered a 3 position loss on the grid, but he finished 4th, overtaking Max Verstappen who spun his car during the race and ended up finishing 6th.  

Race highlights below:


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Vettel took his second win of the season in the Bahrain GP yesterday, followed by the Mercedes team. Hamilton was placed 5th on the grid, but he started 9th, and in a stunning tripled overtake and a bit of an incident with Verstappen, managed to get a podium! Great driving by Hamilton. The R*D B*LL team was completely out of the race - Verstappen punctured his rear tyre after running over Hamilton's front wing, while Ricciardo's car simply "died" mid race. 

Here's Hamilton's triple overtake:


Race highlights:


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Daniel Ricciardo took the win at China yesterday after barely making it to the grid during qualifying. The R*D B*LL team was overwhelmed with having to replace a failed engine on Ricciardo's car, but the team did it in under 2 hours! Ricciardo started 5th on the grid and made his way to being 1st following a crash between Vettel and Verstappen and and great driving (see last video). Vettel started the race at pole position, but his pitting strategy put him behind Bottas who was gunning for him from the start. He ultimately finished 8th. The videos will tell everything.

Qualifying Highlights:


Race Highlights:


Daniel Ricciardo's overtakes. This guy!!!


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