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Need a help about Subaru sti4/ gc8

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need a big help. hoping to buy a Subaru gc8 and I wanna know about few things about this car. People are saying so somay unclear stuff about maintenance parts fuel and all. Please can you guys explain because I really like this car 🙏🏻 

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STi and fuel economy in the same sentence? :rolleyes:

The GC8 is an iconic car, so despite what people say, it has proven itself around the world. So it's actually a privilege getting the chance to own one or these. It's a car that's quite a few years old, so there will definitely be maintenance to attend to, and it won't be as easy as maintaining a Toyota Corolla. If you're not willing to get your hands dirty and keep the car running smooth, and if you're so concerned about fuel economy then I'm afraid the STi is just not for you. 

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Do some research, plenty written about them online and even on AL forums.

Good cars, great fun but they are all old now and some will have been abused. The majority you will see on the market are conversions so you need to make sure the job was done by someone who knows what they are doing. If done properly, this is not an issue. Original cars are super rare, I'm guessing there's a maximum of 20-25 GC8 chassis WRXs & Stis of all generations (1 through 6) in Lanka, possibly less. Make sure you get any prospective purchase thoroughly evaluated by someone who knows these cars, ideally by two separate parties to be extra careful.

Lastly, if fuel economy is a concern, please buy something else. 

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