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How to find corolla 141 2008 tail lights

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Hi Guys, I am new to this website. Recently had an accident and i need to find tail light for corolla 141 2008. Is there any specific place to find it. And looking for Koito genuine light. But its around 22K in toyota lanka. Is there any other place to find this bit cheaper let me know. Heard it should around 12K.(thailand) Thanks. 

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1 hour ago, Sierra Charlie said:

The 141 is a common model. You should be able to find the light either in Delkanda and/or Panchikawatte. 

Yes it is common as the agents sold a lot of it...the hitch is finding it at Delkanda and Panchi might not be as easy as finding an Axio light or something; as you won't get this as used parts from Japan. The OP might have to do some walking around...

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Try Euronippon. Just give them a call and ask. They might not be very friendly with the phone. Better if you can visit the place with a sample. This is in Wadduwa . Don't be discouraged by the distance. I highly recommend giving it a try. I have couple of good experience with them around a decade back. Here's the link
Euronippon International (Pvt) Ltd
A2, Wadduwa
0387 389 988


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