I am on the lookout for a new ride in the 4 to 4.5 mill range. The Suzuki Swift 2017 has a 1.0L turbo engine so will be much more pleasurable to drive. For around 4.2 million I believe you can get the entire safety package with cruise control as well. Is this vehicle manufactured in Japan or India? From my understanding both the RST and RS models are manufactured in Japan.  The Vitz on the other hand will hold its value better, possible easier on the maintenance side. But the current Vitz is the 2016 model, with no new model released this year. So is there a possibility of a new model next year?  This also begs the question, is it worth spending a little more (close to 8 laks) for a Swift RS model. This can be had for around 4.8 million without cruise control and the safety package. If I am upgrading it would be mainly for resale value a year or two down the line. Is it something worth considering?