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auction sheet verification - japan used cars

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Yes , This is correct.

This is most probably done by SriLankans stationed in Japan , not by Japanese people.

Some of the certificates like JEVIC can be checked for authentication through the local representatives positioned in Sri Lanka.

I know some sales people prepare  duplicate Jaai and other certificates , misleading RMV/Customs officials too.

When you buy a vehicle,  please ask for genuine certificate relevant to the vehicle to see  and get a copy of that to check. Don't believe on their photo copies.

At the registration they (car sale people) do this fraud, while they do the registration, You will never notice.  


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Sri Lankans, East Africans and Bangaldeshies have a bad reputation for doing this.

Now...there are R grade cars where the damage is minor (needing a new fender or a light or something) or the repair is done proper; but got graded R because of the recorded repair history or the needed repair. However, with these kinds of R grade cars the purchase cost of the car and the cost of properly fixing it is going to be pretty close to buying a average accident free car (it would be like getting a grade 4 car for the price of a grade 3).

As a general rule its best to stay away from  buying or importing a car with a R grade since our guys are not very honest about what kind of repairs have been done and you will have no idea what the initial damage was. If you are buying direct from auction in Japan; you in Sri Lanka will not have a proper way of getting a realistic and honest assessment of the car so you have no idea what you are getting yourself in to.So best stay away.

In Sri Lanka there are car importers who have templates of certificates etc on hand to print. About 4 years ago a relative of mine was selling his Honda Civic (this was an export model FD series bought from the agents). A broker came to strike a deal to sell it and actually said he can get the auction sheets, and Japanese stickers on the windows, etc...so it can be sold as a Japanese model because "ekata market vadiy". So these car sales people do all kinds of s**t including making cars that never came from Japan come from Japan :)

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