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Dear All,

My car is Toyota 121, 2003. It is good running Engine, but these days fuel consumption is very low in traffic, earlier 13 - 14 done. but now it s doing only 9 -10 can you tell me the reason. and I am going to service my car next week. tell me what is the recommending oil and filters. ( My car is Manual gears.) On the other hand i wont to know what is the recommended lube oil for Diesel heavy vehicles, DS 40 or SAE 40 and why

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Welcome to the forum! Did someone tell you that your car should do 13-14kmpl in traffic or is it your own experience? I used a 121 as my daily runner for 6 years(2008 - 2014) and it never did 13-14kmpl even in mixed driving. However if you are convinced of poor fuel efficiency then first go for a tune up ie.  a clean up of the throttle body, MAF sensor, injectors, PCV, OCV filter, etc., and replacement of air filter, spark plugs, injector washers and fuel filter (after inspection) followed by a system scan. Also make sure you transmission is properly maintained and the gears change at the correct RPM. What is mileage of the car, I mean according to odometer?

As for lube, the figure 40 gives you the viscosity and DS40 is a lube for diesel vehicles. For light cars a thinner grade like SAE 20 or 30 or even 40 (if the engine is worn) is recommended while for heavy vehicles it can be 40 or above. Viscosity depends on the mechanical clearance of moving parts.

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