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Rajitha Nawagamuwa

Reason for poor 2nd hand market of European cars

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1.because the poor Prius riding thel higannas cant afford even a 5year used European car or engage in their favorite bragging about getting 100kmpl going from nuwara eliya to Colombo even if they could afford one.


2. Original parts are expensive,no counterfeit parts like Japanese ones . (Maintenance of a jap with original parts is also expensive but durable )


3.most Japanese car drivers are upgrading from and Indian one ,and think it's the best in the world compared to their last Alto(except the lucky few who have a chance to at least drive a friends European car and notice the difference)

4.parts are only available in Colombo area,usually not outstations(similar to Japanese hybrid parts),same for body parts



5.not all repair shops know how to work on them,especially without service manual (or youtube) its difficult to do a simple thing like CV boot change. There is only one way to do a repair,which is usually not so complicated but too much to handle for a mechanic with low motivation

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This topic afaik has been discussed alot here, anw here is my take on the topic just for the fun but on a serious note.

  1. You need to care for the vehicle well, you can't treat the vehicle like its only purpose is to get you from point A to point B. Only if you don't treat the vehicle well, it will give you issues. Just because you wash and wax your vehicle doesn't mean caring.
  2. Lack of knowledgeable mechanics and ones who are available can come with a cost.  Reasons for that is, a more than normal and usual knowledge is needed for Euros. Everything has a purpose somewhere.
  3. Driving pleasure can come with cost like fuel and spare part costs. Have you ever seen a Euro driver sad? 
  4. Some workarounds for issues are there, but only a few knows them.
  5. Owning a Euro doesn't need to expensive if you the owner has a knowledge of the car. Its the age old story that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Buy may cost you a kidney, eye or so :D;) 
  6. Hard to find replicas/knockoffs like others, but parts lasts longer.
  7. Finding parts are not around the corner of the street spare parts shop. So finding parts can be tricky.
  8. You won't be able to fix some issues in a day or by the hour, depends on skill and part availability.
  9. Resale value, hard to resell. In SL, other than any country, people buy a vehicle planning ahead to sell the vehicle for a huge profit. I mean wtf, everything has a depreciation value. Poorly maintained ones can sell for cheap or wont even sell. But good condition ones will be pricey and hard to find and will sell easily.
  10. "Will the society accept me" factor. 


As a owner, running costs of my vehicles i used is similar to that of the Japanese one. So for anyone saying running costs is high, i can nullify it. 


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