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Consumer Affairs Authority Raids Panchikawatta

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30 outlets cought for selling counterfeit spare parts...... some taken in to custody for selling spare parts "without price tags".

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From next day on wards, they (shop owners) will do same thing again. Because they know that, nothing will happen. No body will come again for next few years and court case will take 5 - 10 years.

If CAA really need to implement the law and order, they have to visit regularly and do on-the-spot fines above 1 million instantly.  

By reading last paragraph (daily news), 


 “We have been given special instructions by Minister Badiudeen to continue with the raids on motor vehicle spare parts outlets as the situation concerned is a commonplace event in the market of motor vehicle spare parts,” he said. 


Why our authorities - officers - waiting (to execute their duties) until minister asks to do everything. Don't they know about the spare parts mafia in panchikawathta since 20-30 years 

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if the stealerships don't try to mark up their prices so high many would go to them to get spares. 

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