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Best car for 3.5M


Dear friends

I'm hoping to buy a car with maximum 3.4M. I had Civic ek3 superb car and demio 2001 (only one month). Now my plan is to go for bit a new model may be hybrid model. I have interest with gp1 too. What will be yours idea

Please advise



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22 hours ago, Jimmy said:

Many thanks for your valuable comments @matroska. If I'm to buy a used GP1, how much do you think is the minimum battery life % that I should go for, if I'm to use the vehicle for about two three years and sell...?

Well I'd think around 40-50% to be on the safe side (specially since you're planing for 2-3 years) but anyways battery replacement is not so much an issue as it was a few years back I see  2007 FD3's and 2009 Inisghts are still running 

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