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Average savings rate

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Hi Guys / girls,

this topic is not directly related to automotive, but does has an impact on your automotive desires. As you know the latest data show that the average savings ratio of Sri Lankan households have fallen to about 22.9%. However, in reality, with the level of income disparity in the country, the reality within the middle and upper middle class can be very different.

as part of a research I'm doing for my thesis, I would like to do small reseasch on the following areas from a cluster of indivuals you are passionate about motor cars, a more significant investment area, especially in the local context

1. What is your target savings rate for a month (after paying debt)?

2. How often a year do you actually achieve it?

3 With personal gearing levels, what sort of savings target should one have at ages; 30,40 & 50 ( as a multiple of their monthly income)

4. What do you believe an ideal personal gearing ratio should be (monthly debt installments as % of net income)

5. Do you prioratkze savings levels when deciding how much to spend on a large investment? In this case a car? Essentially, would you decide to grow your savings and delay upgrading of your car against social pressures?

6. Would you spend a significant part of your savings (assuming no debt and availability of reasonable residual savings) to buy a second car / classic car or any such investment that you are passionate about? This passionate spend could be even a Long trip abroad or whatever that you are very passionate about 

i would greatly appreciate some feedback on the above if it's not too personal 

Admins, pls advise if this post violates any forum laws




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Hi Eurofan,

I feel like above questions are too personal to discuss in a public forum. Therefore I am locking this thread. Whoever interested can PM Eurofan and answer to those questions if you wish. 


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