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Lankan Salaries

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Looks like some playing Baba part and trying to defend the corrupt doctors who were part of this kidney mafia,otherwise what moron would bring it up on a thread about Lankan salaries? This donation story was the statement of the defendant lawyer,which was counteracted by police with proof that even if these people have"donated",the middlemen SOLD them to the patients,making a lot of money illegally.and sadly some indian educated lankan doctor close to Padeniya,and some other influential doctors are also found to be part of this middlemen according to investigations.

Bottom Line: Lankan Salaries are not enough, so have to sell kidneys to live :D

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Yesterday news,

"According to the records, there are 1200 kidney donations (dont know whether actually there are donations or nor) done by Indians in Sri Lankan private hospitals. All operations have done according to the Sri Lankan law with relevant approvals. The only issue is, those persons have violated immigration rules."

Which means, though the medical system in Sri Lanka performing somewhat acceptable level, still our authorities have no proper immigration controls. Without proper immigration controls, what could we expected after signing ETCA?

There's no inbound medical visa for Sri Lanka. Medical tourism in Sri Lanka was primarily on Ayurveda-based treatments which do not require a seperate visa. Tourist visa is accepted for medical treatments.

The ethical review consists of two signed affidavits saying 1. the donor is doing it willingly and 2. the donor is doing it without any monetary gain. This is only a self-declaration. This is obviously a massive loophole.

Doctors cannot blame immigration officers or government and wash off their hands. As experts in the field, it is their responsibility to make sure steps are taken to prevent unethical (Hippocratic oath, anyone?) activities are curbed. Why can't the GMOA take trade union actions or hold media circuses against this stupid process, knowing very well that its full of loopholes.

Anyway I have very close connections with the medical industry. I am personally aware that most of the stuff mentioned by Indian media about the kidney racket is true. There are lot of things that cannot be said on a public forum so I shall remain silent.

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I have met many German businessmen interested in expanding to India/South Asian market. But they don't like to live /work in India. Actually they prefer Sri Lanka because of better climate /living conditions and more open minded people.for situations like this,fta with India will bring more business to SL. Same as how UK benefits from multinational companies which flocked in(dye to languege),after they signed a fta with EU.

I say, you wouldn't use, or know someone who uses a SVij moniker, do you? Also German connected...

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