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Honda Fit Gp-1 Versions

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There were lot of confusions w.r.t. Honda FIT Hybrid GP-1 varients. Sales guys say different things...

So i did a quick review on the net and please refer below my findings.


Above link has all FIT GP-1 to GP-4 variants .. this is the Japanese Honda official website. You may use Google translator facility to translate to English.

Even though CarSales Guys say different things about versions/Pkgs ...... Hybrid FIT Generation 1 has only following variants.

a. Hybrid – Basic ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
b. Hybrid Smart Selection ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
c. Hybrid She’s ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
d. Hybrid XH ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
e. Hybrid RS ( DAA GP- 4 1500cc ) - >Sports Edition

For variants b,c,d,e there is a high options Pkg Called “Fine Style”, making all together 9 variants.


Full Specs can be found below.


http://www.honda.co.jp/auto-archive/fit/2013/performance/ ( Refer TAB 3 )

Hope this may useful.. any deviations pls highlghit.


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I just found below article on Honda FIT GP1 - Hybrid She's Model. 

As name implies "She's" its an attempt to woo the female driver with a car customized specially for women.

If you have She's emblem on your boot door, then its a She's. < refer attachment >

Refer below links to check what exact features they have customized in this version to make it more girly. 

Hope all male owners who drive this model may not blame....!!! :rolleyes: :lol:





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