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Ignition Coil Of Ford Laser

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Hi Experts,

I use a Ford Laser car and followings are the basic information of it.

YUM 2000, Engine 1.6 L, Transmission - Auto

I observed a vibration in the engine from a little time period and recently got an engine knock in few times. I checked it with two mechanics including M**A Motors and got to know that there is an issue with the ignition coil. The problem was the price of a coil is about 23k (genuine and brand new).

But with A**I and Rai**** Motors I got to know that it is possible to buy it for around 5.5 k and 6.5 k respectively, but a product is not genuine and from Thailand.

When I checked it with e-bay, I observed it is usually come around $ 100 for the genuine and around $ 40 for OEM products (both brad new and from Australia).

Now I'm evaluating what should be the best option. Would the parts from Thailand would be ok ? It is just 1/4 of the genuine part's price. What are the pros and cons of ordering through e-bay?

One more thing, I noted that some sellers in e-bay have mentioned the engine type as ZM and ZMD for the Ford Laser YOM 2000, 1.6 L car, Any idea of it?

Appreciate your ideas \ help on this.

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i would prefer e-bay (if you can find a genuine one for 100$ , shipping cost also should be taken into account here).

I think genuine one will be around 140$ (without shipping cost) .

part number is ZM0118100.

if the product is not shipped to sri lanka, then try to contact kapruka. they will bring down it here for you.

i bought 2 coils from e-bay. (not genuine) but OEM standards, brand is PRENCO (http://www.prencocorp.com/).

per coil, cost was around 9000/= (including shipping and tax).

i am still using that 2 coils, already clocked 40K+ Kms.

ZM-DE is the mazda 1.6L engine which has been used in 323,protege,ford laser.

ZL-DE is 1.5L

ZL-VE is 1.5L SVT

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Hi MV-5,

Thanks for the response. Is that product you have mentioned is available in e-bay? If so could you please send me a link to there. Did you get it directly from e bay to Sri Lanak OR through Kapruka? How much did you pay as tax?

The engine number of my car display as ZMxxxxxxxx. But no "D" there (as per the book, it is difficult to read it on the engine itself since it may be somewhere which is not easily visible from the top). So, if the seller mentions that part is for ZMD engines, whould it be acceptable for mine?

There is one more concern in my mind. How does the condition of those coils would impact the performance \ fuel efficiency of the car?

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yes, i think product is still available in ebay,but i couldn't remember the exact seller. but try to search "PRENCO ignition coil ZM" or "PRENCO ignition coil Protege" or with similar keywords.

engine number starts with ZM , it does not contain letter "D".

check the part number , it should be ZM0118100.some sellers refer this engine as ZMD.

for your third question simple answer is YES.

Ignition coil assembly produce very high voltage within very short time (if RPM 2000 , 1000 voltage generation cycles should be completed within 1 minute).

if the coil is unable to handle this, result is that engine will make random misfires.

if insulation is weak (at high temperature), then generated high voltage will be discharged through a different path than the spark plug tip.

ultimate result is high fuel consumption and low performance.

the other thing is vehicle manufacture has provided specifications for primary and secondary resistance (you may search Google and find out those spec ).

coil should meet these specifications.

I forgot to tell you, if your car has CEL, for most of non genuine coils , it will throw a CEL Indication.

So best option is genuine, second option is high quality OEM standard coil.

EDIT : i am not 100% sure, i think this the product i bought (directly from ebay) , tax was just 700/= LKR.


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Hi MV - 5

I received the ignition coils I ordered (which described in my last post) on last Friday and fixed those on the same day. The car is running perfectly with those new coils and I think will have to wait to complete few hundreds of km to evaluate the performance of those.

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@SMadu Hi ,Did you sell your car ? I bought same car recently and faced the same issue. the car starts vibrate like after 2 or 3 min after starting it, i get this miss continuesly. the mechanic asked me to change the DI coli but I'm 100% sure it works and I noticed the cable which connects to Ignition coil has damaged 80%. now I'm thinking of changing the cable and 4 plugs.

Hope I will get good results. not sure though 

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