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How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

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Thanks alot @Schiffer for the great info!

I hope the process goes well like the description. i need to flush my R2 diesel engine, what radiator flush and coolant do you suggest that I use.

Thank you

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On 3/2/2015 at 12:05 PM, Ruslan said:

Sorry to Bring up an Old thread, Thought of sharing my findings on coolant types for Japs, my car came with factory filled Pink coolant (Toyota). checked with the Agent and the premixed coolant is 8000/- per can (4Ltr, i know it's a bloody rip off). mind you this factory speced coolant was advised to changed on after 160,000Km but to have a peace of mind thought of replacing it. looked for alternatives for this (Engine spec required to fill it with coolant with "silicate, nitrite, amine and borate free" with "hybrid organic acid technology" - as per findings, silicates are bad for water pump it seems) and found out that Valvoloine Zerex Asian Vehicle Premixed coolant at Unit#d Mot#rs for 1650/-. which is matching the factory spec.


Do you think this coolant can be used for Corolla 141 model as well.

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