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Mini 1.3 Efi Manual Rpm Issue

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hey guys, need a little help,

i have mini 1.3 EFI manual, and on rainy days the RPM just dies when running and the engine wants to stop and die?? is it a electric fault or leak? also when i turn on the A/C the power from the engine is very low, what should i look for to find the issue??


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My guess is that your ignition leads may be leaky when humidity level is high. If so engine fill misfire and become rough.

If the engine doesn't miss but if only the RPM goes down then there could be failures in either inlet air temp sender, oxygen sensor or MAP sensor. These are the sensors which collectively drives the ECU when humidity level and ambient temperature changes.

If the engine doesn't revs up when A/C is on, idle stepper may be not functioning or our local A/C guys have done A/C wiring bypassing the ECU.

Anyway without spending much time and money, get your car scanned. So that you can address the exact problem rather than trying trail and error method.

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