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Mitsubishi Jeep Parts


charakadas    0

jeep lks

I have a very old mitsubishi jeep j44 which i planed to restore,is there any good place to buy some parts for it? Cheeper place.. :-)

I have done the painting and need some beedings etc..

1.Front windshild cowl

2.Rear door beeding

3.The two small knobs at front door which opens the small window(the triangular one).

4.The head lights.(only light).

5.Rear door handle.

6.The gommet at the fuel tank neck.

I am from kandy and in here it is very hard to found those..anybody who knows any place please..rply


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charakadas    0


You mean the jayasiri motors? Those didnt have the beedings which i need.is there any places in delkanda area?

What is "the place" for beedings and rubber wear in col?

By the way do you need the rear door its avalable at a place in piliyandala,his prices are good..try it.


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Please go trough last few weeks, Lankadeepa Lahipita under spares , I saw two - three importers having J24, J44 spares.

When you come from Sangaraja Mawatha to Panchikawatta side, at the Panchikawatta junction there is a spare part yard and I saw (few months ago) some Jeep parts were there including body parts. Please check there if you try at Panchikawatta.

Please post us the update of restoration.


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