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Ek3 Civic Cold Starting Cvt Transmission

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On 2/28/2012 at 7:19 AM, Komisiripala said:

My humble 2 cents, fellow autolankans: I had the exact same problem OP described. Changing the oil only Burnt an 8000 rupee hole in my pocket. Had to repair the gearbox.

It happens because the oil filters and pressure washers in the box have degraded. The oil then isn't pushed through the mechanicals of the box when it's "cold" and more viscous. It needs the engine rpm to develop more pressure, and then it suddenly shoots thru when u pass 2000-3000. Once the oil heats up, the viscosity lessens and the jerk goes away.

Basically the filters and washers need to be replaced. And if you keep driving the car with this problem, the ratchets on the cvt torque-transfer cones will wear out fr, further worsening the problem, causing the belt to slip, damaging the belt, and eventually making the car less efficient (the latter, to my petrolhead heart, being the least of the aforementioned worries)

My box was bad when I bought the car. Learned the hard way. RepaIred it, and replaced the torque transfer cones as well. Belt was in good nick. Cost 22k. A new box is much more than that and you wouldn't know the condition of a recon part til u use it...

Just my experience I'm sharing. I don't mean to contradict anyone here. But I lived and breathed EK3 for quite some time. And the fact that it fetched 19.25 on the market speaks for how lovingly I maintained it.

Spot On Komisiripala,

Had the same issue with a Mazda TipTronic Box and had to replace the parts - washers, hub and a few more bits.    Take her to a place who know what they are doing and familiar with the issue.

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